8 New Spots To Try

“Downtown Asian fusion eatery, they’re adding their own twist, trying to modernize dishes from their childhood and make them healthier.”




Sleek, modern, and bustling

“Suitable for both lone eaters and small parties, they munch on a menu that’s billed as Asian-inspired. At Tiger + Lily, that means delicate dishes that merge traditional aesthetic sensibilities with occasionally untraditional trappings.”

Columbus underground



Best New Restaurant 2017

“Downtown got a lot more interesting this year with the opening of Tiger + Lily, a chic pan-Asian (Korean, Chinese and Japanese) restaurant serving up ramen, build-your-own rice bowls, bubble teas and an exciting array of desserts. ”

columbus monthly



As mentioned on the Minimalists podcast

"It's delicious... It's pretty phenomenal. They have rice bowls and salad bowls. If you haven't been there, it's pretty affordable."

the minimalists



Modern take on Asian cuisine

“Tiger + Lily is an Asian restaurant that embraces tradition as well as modern-day cooking styles."

Columbus dispatch



Tiger + Lily’s Menu Has Focus on Freshness

“The staff at Tiger + Lily likes to keep its customers healthy.

The Asian-influenced restaurant, open for 18 months Downtown, starts by offering natural ingredients and fresh produce, and assembling dishes with wellness and diversity in mind…”